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About Jeanie Joe

Lifetime Love of Sewing

I've been sewing since I was about nine years old.  I currently teach sewing at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA.  My long career has brought me joyful sewing opportunities as a theatrical costume designer, countless weddings and special occasions, women's apparel and accessories, home decor, and props for TV and film. 

'Maker of Stuff' is a good description of what I do.  "A woman can make a salad, a hat, and an argument out of anything!" credit John Barrymore for my motto! My background also includes pattern-making and draping, and I love making visual art, ceramics, hats, jewelry, and I do a bit of home improvement.

My passion for sewing is a life skill that I feel most everyone should know a bit about. In creating this website, I hope to share my craft with others who want to learn a little or a lot about sewing and making stuff. 



A small dining room in a 1946 home is my studio. Drawers, cabinets, cubbies, wardrobes, all stuffed with fabric, trim, buttons and fabulous random trinkets are my inspiration. If I can get a needle through it or around it, I think it can possibly adorn a purse, hat, scarf, shoes, pillow . . . 


I have collected some of this fabric for over 25 years (which may officially make it vintage). I love to design and make handbags, apparel, and other women’s accessories from this collection of my favorite stuff.


Bernice, my dress-form, is just tickled that I’ve dusted her off and lavished her with silks, linens and other textiles to be sewn up and sold on this site, or in specialty shops & boutiques. 

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